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With this book in hand, you have a powerful tool to help you manage your sensitivity and intuition so that it helps you – not overthrows you.

the book: the highly sensitive person and intuition

Your Journey From Noise and Fatigue to Intuition and Energy

The Highly Sensitive Person and Intuition is a self-help book that will support you as an empathic and highly sensitive person to learn how to use your sensitivity and intuition in the best possible way. In this book, Helen describes the simple methods you can use and the steps you can take on your journey from being highly sensitive and exhausted to become energized and using your intuition.

As a person with sensitive abilities, you may experience overstimulation, heightened sensitivity, fatigue, anxiety and difficulty socializing with others, but these are just symptoms that your vital energies are out of balance. This is not a permanent condition, and you can actually do something about it.

In The Highly Sensitive Person and Intuition, Helen describes how you can develop your intuition and healing abilities so that your abilities help you live your best life as a highly sensitive person: so you can reach your full potential. You’ll learn how your intuition can guide you and act as your inner compass, and how your healing ability can heal and energize you.

For over 20 years, through lectures, courses, workshops and a decade of running Spirituellt Center in Sweden, Helen has had the pleasure of helping thousands of people on their journey from being highly sensitive to appreciating and using their intuition.


Essential Chapters in the Book

  • It feels so good, yet your energies are imbalanced

  • How to charge energy

  • Healing and intuitive abilities

  • Raising awareness in society

  • Your unique potential

Through the Book You Will Get

  • A deeper understanding of your sensitivity as an empathetic person and sensitively gifted.
  • A powerful tool to help you manage your sensitivity and intuition.
  • Methods for healing and energy management.

Book Facts

AuthorHelen Olausson
Weight482 g
Publication date01/08/2022
IllustrationsMaiken Hessellund
Dimensions148 x 210 mm

Owner and manager of the Spiritual Center

About the Author

Helen has worked with people and their spiritual journeys for over 20 years, bringing a whole lot of experience and knowledge to the field. As the author of the book The Highly Sensitive Person and Intuition, she has also shared her insights and tools to help people strengthen their healing and intuitive qualities to manage their sensitivity in a positive way.
When you order the book here, you will get it uniquely signed by Helen Olausson.

  • When you order the book here, you will get it uniquely signed by me.

Questions and Answers

The book is for those who are overstimulated and easily take on the emotions of others. This often creates fatigue that makes it difficult to maintain a consistent level of energy and performance.

You will usually receive the book within 4-6 days.

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The book is available in English and Swedish.

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